Harry Potter Magic Frogs Bath Bombs

Harry Potter Magic Frogs Bath Bombs


Turn bath time into a stellar fun experience! Drop one of these super fun bombs in the bath and watch as your kids are transported to a new galaxy. Let them enjoy the fun fizziness as the color turns the bath an exciting new color. Then watch how excited they get when they find 

We use toxic free colorant so its safe for those superstar kids.

Everyone has a little magic 🔮

These Harry Potter inspired magic potion frogs are super fun way to add a little magic to the bath! 

They come in a magic potion cup , wrapped and tied. 

A mix of frogs and magic wizard cubes ✨🌙

Every frog is packed with moon and star sprinkles and they smell of magic! 


These also make great party favors! Please ask about custom order with free bags and ribbons!


All toys are purchased at retail price to create a finished product. The Cosmic Company is not affiliated with the companies that create these toys. The Cosmic Company does not own the rights to any licensed toys in our products. The rights belong to the companies that own the trademark/rights. WE are not affiliated with Shopkins Brand. All toys are authentic. 

****Disclaimer: Please read ingredients, do not use if you have any allergies. May leave tub slippery enter and exit with caution!!***

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